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An Analysis of a Chandra Observation of the Galactic Supernova Remnant G353.6-0.7 [Hybrid Poster 1-A]

Daniel M. Rush, Morehead State University
Thomas G. Pannuti PhD, Morehead State University

CricketSat: Space Temperature Measurement Module

Mitchell I. Harris, Murray State University

Documentation of New Species of the Bizarre South African Endemic Genus Meziomorphum (Coleoptera: Ptinidae)

Olivia M. Gearner, Western Kentucky University

Early nutritional programming to enhance the utilization of plant based diets in fish (largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides)

Maya Rene Jackson, Kentucky State University
Amit Kumar Yadav, Kentucky State University
Waldemar Rossi, Kentucky State University

Eastern Kentucky University's Program of Distinction: Highlighting Research within the Colege of Justice and Safety

Naomi M. Sigler, Eastern Kentucky University
Kayla Tunajek, Eastern Kentucky University

Environmental Improvements at Mammoth Cave National Park Following Changes in Southeastern US Coal Burning [Hybrid Poster 1-A]

Caleb Stickney, Western Kentucky University
Katie Losekamp, Western Kentucky University

Environmentally Friendly Metal Nanoparticle Synthesis Method for Application in Organic Solar Cells

Aubrey N. Penn, Western Kentucky University

Estrogen Photodegradation Depends on Solvent and Photolysis Wavelength

Cory W. Black, Northern Kentucky University

Glenn Hoffman: World Fish Parasitologist

William C. Lyvers, Kentucky State University

Graphene quantum dots electrochemistry and development of sensitive electrochemical biosensor [Hybrid Poster 2-B]

Tyler Smith, Western Kentucky University
Alexander Banaszak, Western Kentucky University

Growth and Survival of Salamanders Exposed to Different Formulations of Glyphosate-based Herbicide

Jessica L. Johnson, Western Kentucky University

H2SO4 Contamination of Freeman Branch Creek, Alabama from Disturbance of Geologic Materials During Highway Construction [Hybrid Poster 1-B]

Cayla Vaughn, Western Kentucky University
Chris Harkins, Western Kentucky University

Pathogen-Specific DNA Detection Using Engineered DNA-Binding Proteins

Shaumik Alam, Western Kentucky University

Photodeactivation of Pathogenic Bacteria using Photosensitizers and Graphene Quantum Dots

Benjamin C. Kash, Western Kentucky University
Ali Oguz Er

Polyculture of Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, and juvenile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, in indoor biofloc aquaculture systems

Nathan A. Kring, Kentucky State University

Potential use of transglutaminase in restructuring deboned Asian carp meat

Jordan Wilson, Kentucky State University

Recycled Waste Increased Tomato Production Under Field Conditions

Lusekelo J. Nkuwi, Kentucky State University

Spatially Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy of the Galactic Supernova Remnants 3C397 and CTB 37A [Hybrid Poster 1-B]

Haley E. West, Morehead State University
Thomas G. Pannuti PhD, Morehead State University

The Heterostructure of the Langmuir-Blodgett assembled TiO2 Nanotubearray/Graphene Oxide for A Visible Light Responsibility

Xinju Dong, Western Kentucky University

The Visible-light Responsive TiO2/Graphene Heterojunction Materials

Logan Bailey Parker, Western Kentucky University

The X-Ray Crystallography Analyses of an Anti-Thyroid Compound: 1-methyl,2-mercaptoimidazol (MMI)

Sherafghan Khan, Western Kentucky University

Utilization of Random Walk MC Diagnostics for Calculations in the Glauber Model

Keiti N. Rueter, Western Kentucky University