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A Comparison of the Characteristics of Kentucky and Illinois Soils Under Various Land Cover

bernedette chadwick
Brandon Clark, Murray State University
Bailey Webster, Murray State University
Michael Mercer, Murray State University

Evaluating the Impact of two Contrasting Tillage Practices on Soil Properties in Central Kentucky

Emily Cook

Experiential Learning through the Health & Wellness Peer Education Program

Matthew T. Allen, Murray State University
Christian R. Barefield, Murray State University

Family Structure in Early Modern Scotland

Chloe Chaplin

It’s Good to Be Blue: A Nursing Study Abroad Exploration of the Sardinian Blue Zone

Courtney Foster
Kelsi Miles
Katie Skaggs
Tory Johnson

Oral History in a Journalism Course: Sharing Stories and Reporting News About Public Education in Kentucky

Rochele Rosa, Murray State University

Scotland: From the Acts of Union to the Independence Referendum

Erin Wallace

Security of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Tyler Williams, Murray State University
Jordan Frantsvog, Murray State University
Saeed Almalki, Murray State University

Sensory Evaluation on Flavor, Volume, and Texture of Substituting Amaranth Flour for Wheat Flour in Red Velvet Cupcakes

S. Patrick James

Soil Characteristics of a Permaculture Orchard in the Jackson Purchase

Kevin Goheen

Soil PHysical Characteristics of Cultivated Areas in Western Kentucky

Bailey Webster
Iin p. Handayani Dr, Murray State University
Brian Parr Dr, Murray State University

Sports: A Highway to Brain Drain?

Shawn Gordon

Teutonic Tales: An Examination of Cultural Appropriation and Collective Identity during the Nazi Era

Laura Guebert, Murray State University

The Changing Workforce: Optimizing the Work-Rest Cycle

sean knowles
Shane Leonard

The Sensory and Textural Evaluation of a St. Louis Style Butter Cake made with Greek Yogurt as a Fat Replacer

Caprisse Johnson

Why do immigrants change behavior based on interaction?

Ifeoluwa Akindele, Murray State University