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Desensitization in Social Media

Abdulaziz Alkanderi
Jassica Wellington
Jared Geurin

Diversity in Wedding Advertisments

Katelyn Suiter
Bailey Bohannah
Joe McMahon

Fake News

John Hopkins

Gender Bias in Television

Jordyn Rowland
Sarah Peters
Justin Gaston
Anna Zhu

Greek Life in Today's Media

Hannah Weber
Dylan Morton
Sydney Owen

Greek Life vs Media

Mary Curtis
Madison Moore
Kerry Sexton
Hayley Smith

How media is influencing people to live a healtheir lifestyle.

Payton Strode
April Hobbs
Mohammed Alshatti

Mass Media and the Immigration Ban

Collin Morris
Leo Rosado
Hannah Tomes
Nolan Winbun

Mass Media Effects on Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Michaelyn Modglin
Lauren Campbell
Lauren Brannon
Raegan Green

Nearly Numb to News

Amanda Swift, Murray State University
Piper Cassetto, Murray State University
Grant Dillard, Murray State University
Colleen La Rochelle, Murray State University

New trends at the nutrition and online markets focused on the American and the Hungarian consumers

Katalin Tari, Szent Istvan University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Brian Parr, Murray State University, Hutson School of Agriculture
Iin Handayani, Murray State University, Hutson School of Agriculture

The Father of Radio

Khalil Guerra

The Media’s Portrayal of College Students: Accurate or Exaggerated?

Abby Branham
Bryan Edwards
Bria Bethea

The Perception of Feminism in the Media

Emily Williams
Chandler Cochran
James Turner

War Propaganda: The Effects of Violence in the Media

Ally Larson
Kayla Thompson, Murray State University
Jackson Castleberry, Murray State University
Victoria Main, Murray State University