About This Journal

Steeplechase is a semi-annual digital publication showcasing the research and creative activity of Murray State University undergraduate and graduate students. This open-access journal features works across all disciplines. It includes theses, dissertations, and general research papers, some of which have been presented at the University’s Scholars Week and Posters-at-the-Capitol event. Select articles feature multimedia elements, including interviews with students concerning their experiences with the research and creative process. Steeplechase is edited by both faculty and undergraduate students in conjunction with Murray State University’s Office of Research and Creative Activity (ORCA).

About the Editors

Rachel Wood: Rachel is a junior at Murray State University from Birmingham, Alabama. She is currently studying English Literature with a minor in Information Studies. Through her studies, she is particularly focused on the intersection of literature and technology, especially in video games. She is a member of Kappa Delta sorority, a representative for the Honors College, and an opinion columnist for the Murray State News. She particularly enjoys reading and traveling but has a passion for anything creative. Rachel currently works as ORCA’s student assistant in addition to editing Steeplechase.

Laura Guebert: Originally from Herrin, Illinois, Laura is a junior at Murray State University studying History with a minor in English Literature. She currently conducts research on imperial trends within modern German history while working as a Resident Advisor, volunteering in the Racer Writing Center, and being involved in various extracurriculars and honors societies. She enjoys reading, writing, and traveling, each of which have played a role in her study abroad experiences in Europe. Laura is currently employed as one of the editors for Steeplechase.

Erin Wallace: Erin is a junior from Louisville, Kentucky double majoring in International Studies and History. She is a member of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society and a student in the Honors College. During her three years at Murray State she has pursued her interests in European History and intercultural experience through various Education Abroad programs in Germany, Hong Kong, and Scotland. Erin is one of the co-editors for Steeplechase.

Jessie Hedrick Jessie is a senior at Murray State University from Palatine, Illinois. She majors in English literature and minors in creative writing. Much of her academic research involves children’s literature, and she hopes to one day become a librarian. On campus, Jessie is involved with the Honors College, the Education Abroad Office, and the Racer Writing Center, where she works in addition to editing Steeplechase.