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Murray State University



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Fall 11-17-2020

Artist Statement

My art is a visual representation of my emotions and the things I cannot say through the use of portraits and flowers. When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, this flower will have a different meaning to every person who holds it. The living beings and things I am painting are my outward expression of my experiences and the people in my life, but they can be understood in infinite ways by viewers. Art to me is a free space; a place with no rules, no restrictions, and no wrong way of doing anything, which can be a space of growth. My art depicts my emotions. These emotions are scattered, but honest. The work is mostly inspired by the outward struggles and problems of my everyday life, but hidden in a more abstract viewpoint that results in a more vague narrative. My pieces are figurative and surreal, and mostly depict flowers and portraits of close friends and family. With these living subjects, even the slightest difference in brushwork or color can change the identity of that person or plant. I love the different emotions you can press into a piece with organic forms and facial expressions. I want my art to show not only emotion but a sequence of different viewpoints that inspire a vivid form of communication, given to them through the way I combine these viewpoints in my art. My medium of choice is something that I can't confirm because there are so many to choose from, but that's the fun part of expressing myself because I can choose so many to improve my form of outward expression. I can still use the styles learned to bring forth the deeper emotion and communication. Some of the artists whose work I am in conversation with are Kehinde Wiley, Kara Walker, and Faith Rinngold. These artists all have separate components that give influence to my work. Kehinde’s work gives me the aspiration to add more narrative to my work complete with vivid color styles, Kara for her use of form to project scenes with her work, and Faith because the deeper narrative presented in her art work.


Mr. Martin


Abstract surreal self portraits paintings, which are paintings presented with vibrant color choices along with distinguished placement to give confusion, but an emotional connection to his art. These paintings describe scenes within the artist's life, that are usually combined with depression and nature to press the deeper emotion of his viewers. Most works will be presented as oil paintings ranging in numerous of different sizes. The sizes used are ones suggested.




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