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Fall 11-18-2020

Artist Statement

My artwork uses the organic forms found in nature as metaphors to express human emotions. The incorporation of nature is used as a tool to evoke a sense of community as it is something that we all appreciate collectively. My drawings are made to be relatable in that way so that different viewers can have different interpretations. For some people, they can evoke a sense of happiness or nostalgia, while for others it can create a feeling of sadness or being overwhelmed.

My drawing process is improvisational in nature. I discover the emotion that I want to explore through the observation of people around me, whether that be people close to me or complete strangers. I then create iconographic images from the flora or fauna to portray that emotion. Inspirations come from directly observing my environment, including the behavior of those around me. For example, by paying attention to the music people listen to, the things they are passionate about, and their expressions and body language, I can often discover the emotion I’m looking for to explore in my work. I approach these emotions in my work through a range of linework in charcoal and pen that draw attention through intensity and boldness.

Christina Mrozik is my biggest role model and influence. Her work is often accompanied by a poem or monologue themed around the internal battles we all share. These struggles are then represented in her drawings which consist often of a hybrid of both organic and inorganic forms. She is able to accomplish manipulating these hybrids into something that looks like it could be anatomically correct, which is something I’ve tried adopting within my work. Her work is what got me to start developing myself as an artist and the kind of art I wanted to make. Ali Norman is a printmaker who has influenced my art more recently. A lot of her art relies heavily on linework, which is something I’ve been improving on lately.Another artist who has been a great influence is Erica Williams, an illustrator who specializes in flora and fauna. Her use of composition is what influences me the most, as she uses her entire space and will even go off the page creating an overwhelming and all-consuming atmosphere within her work.


Todd Herzberg, Mike Martin


A collection of botanical art made from graphite and pen.

Photo Credit

Kiley Cox

Kiley Cox ART 399 Digital Commons



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