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Date of Creation

Fall 11-17-2020

Artist Statement

It is easier to approach a difficult topic if it isn’t immediately posed as threatening or sacred. The viewer’s ability to enjoy my pieces, regardless of their prior experience with the subject matter, is my priority. My primary means of creating my work is through drawing, with the end products taking the form of animations and zines. Sequential art provides a unique opportunity to form a relationship with the viewer during the short time they interact with the piece, which many drawings can’t accomplish in the same way. Zines and animations are highly shareable and exist as an experience as much as they do a “piece.”

I was raised in a community that was socialized to not empathize with LGBTQ+ people or the subsequent mental health issues that can come with that experience. As a member of both communities, it was natural to be hyper-aware of my differences growing up and thus spent a lot of time thinking about identity and how people perceive one another. As an artist, the subject matter I am drawn to is the result of that introspection; especially surrounding gender and sexuality, and the way that this inevitably ties in with mental health. I find power in making these themes relatable to people that wouldn’t typically share, or even resent, my experiences. By doing this I hope to remove some of the stigma associated with “otherness.”


Todd Herzberg, Mike Martin


My art consists of drawings, prints, and ceramic sculptures used with intention of discussing the many facets of human identity. It is difficult to approach topics like nonbinary genders or mental illness when you've been sheltered from it your entire life. So I hope to use levity and humor to make these topics approachable for people of all backgrounds and ages.

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Autumn Brown

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