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Spring 5-4-2021

Artist Statement

My art practice is grounded in photography, specifically fashion photography. I shoot digital mostly and sometimes shoot film to get the natural colors that aren’t achievable through digital without post processing. I have grown to love portraiture because working with people, capturing their current state, and styling them in ways that are appealing is what I have found the most joy in since starting photography. I’m a very detail-oriented person and perfectionism is a trait that has carried over to my photography. Styling my subject, picking out interesting color combinations and color palettes not just in the outfit but in the environment, and matching a look with the perfect scene to make something that is visually stimulating and appealing to look at is what I look forward to when shooting. I think backgrounds are just as important as the subject in portraiture so I find it important to put just as much thought into both aspects.

I’m inspired by the intimacy and style that Nan Goldin is able to capture in her work. Her “point-and-shoot” style is something I work into my photography as much as possible. I often use harsh flash creating stark shadows combined with rich colors to exude a nostalgic feeling for the 90s and 2000s that appears frozen in time. This feeling of sentimentality is something that I hold on to in my personal life and this carries over into projects. I intend to create visually appealing fashion portraits but sometimes also delve deeper. Photos are a great way to tell stories, whether they are my own or others. Some of my work has dealt with emotions, relationships, and identity of myself and my subjects. Overall, I want my photographs to be something enjoyable to look at in as many ways possible through color, composition, etc.


Michelle Burdine, T. Mike Martin


Digital photography, film photography, sizes varying.

John Gee Art399 Portfolio



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