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Spring 5-4-2021

Artist Statement

My work is about control and freedom brought on by options. Growing up in a broken home, I felt like all the decisions were made for me. The little freedoms I had through choices were limited, and many of them seemed trivial. The feeling of being trapped in situations that I did not choose pushed me to make a place to vent. The process of creating art allowed me to make a world that had order and power. I could go into autopilot, becoming absorbed in the process and forget reality. I got to make the rules and decided what to do, and reveal them to people. While I keep myself in control over myself, I don’t want to have that power over other people. I want to give others the freedom I felt I was denied by creating works that give the audience choices.

My work currently consists of large-scale linear wood sculptures and geometric handheld metal objects. Each piece relies heavily on the process and the difficulty of completing a piece. Putting on the display of control and compulsive in the way I work. The large difference in scale and medium gives separation to my work. My large-scale wood sculptures reflect the internal struggle that I have, while my metalwork is created with the intent of the audience interacting with them. Putting the audience in the decision-making chair, as they are the ones that get to decide on a works use. Furthering the idea of giving viewers choices I use geometric shapes. They allow for an open interpretation of its purpose because are fewer perceived conceptions associated with the forms. They bring comfort because of the set rules and predictability that are assigned to them.

The artists that I’m currently looking to are Brendan Jamison, Jill Townsley, and Giampaolo Babetto. I feel like I relate to Jamison’s work in the sense that I also find myself using repetitive processes. I relate to Townsley’s method, but unlike her, I still want that end product to be tangible for viewer interaction. The process is equally as crucial to the end product. Babetto uses geometric shapes in his work because he finds the forms pure. While I don’t see them as pure, I believe they are comforting because of their set rules.


Sarah Martin; Jeanne Beaver; Todd Herzberg; Mike Martin


Current progress in Artist Statment and artworks as of Spring 2021. Photographs of linear wooden Sculptures and small goemtric metal objects.

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Kendra E Lobb

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Kendra Lobb Art399 Portfolio



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