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Date of Creation

Fall 2021

Artist Statement

I have always wondered what it’s like in other people’s minds. Sonder - the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. The comfort I find in realizing everyone’s lives are as terrible and beautiful as my own has been an inspiration for my artwork. I began journaling in 2019 and taking psychology courses my Sophomore year. I've learned that these things naturally go together for me.

Our beautiful and complex lives can also be laced with mental health issues. Depicting mental health in visually intriguing images drives my current body of work. I first took my printmaking class in 2018, and once I discovered silkscreen, I found a home. In my art, I specifically alter identity with human figures, except the figure’s head is often replaced with something: a goldfish, a pair of scissors, a mushroom cap, leaves, etc. The idea of amalgamating things together that don’t belong is accompanied by free, organic flowing lines that are unrestrained and reminiscent of a blind contour. These objects as the head are often items that I think of fondly and find many meanings to. I first became interested in psychology around 2018. I have always struggled with my mental health and creating these surreal artworks allows me to talk about that.

Screenprint is a medium that allows me to create fine lines and color combinations that enhance my surreal narratives. In addition to the formal qualities the ability to produce multiples allows me to make work that I can promote, distribute, and keep for my portfolio. Accessibility to art has always felt pertinent to me. I’ve always wanted multiple people with my artworks in their homes, a sight they see daily.


Nicole Hand, Danielle Muzina, Mike Martin


This exhibition consists of 20 pieces made and photographed by Keleigh Mabry. They are all screenprints. For this collection I focused on mental health and the way it can look visually while adding in some surrealistic qualities with the figures heads being replaced with inanimate objects. This anthropomorphism is a tool to discuss hard topics like isolation, identity, and self doubt.

Photo Credit

Keleigh Mabry

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