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Fall 2021

Artist Statement

Since a young age, I was interested in art; I remember drawing with my older cousin and being inspired by her because I thought her simple doodles were amazing, while she was drawing nothing more than doodles, I saw something that looked like hyper realism to me. Furthermore, my free time as a child was spent either drawing or coloring and I was obsessed with cartoons and movies, which led me to know more movies and reference these same movies to which others haven’t even heard of by the time I was in high school. Consequently, the saying, Practice makes perfect,” came into play for me and I vividly remember being in fourth grade drawing three-dimensional block letters on my poster about photosynthesis while others would come up and ask in amazement, “Woah! How’d you do that?” The simple answer was, I saw a drawing my cousin did and replicated what I saw. It was in the same year I that I drew Uranus which I mixed my colored pencils to create a certain color and started drawing shooting stars. By the next year, I was invited to be a part of art club in which I created a “Man in the Moon” that surprised even my art teacher.

Throughout my life, art has given me a push and a pull. Sometimes art has unmotivated me and made me feel like a terrible artist when I thought I was being an amazing one, even leading me to consider quitting art, while other times, it has given me so much hope I could explode from the inside out. Through these ups and downs, my subject matter usually differentiates, sometimes being as random as anything I could think of and others having a deep meaning behind them, as a result, describing all my artwork to someone often becomes very difficult. In fact, while I usually draw and paint, I also work and have worked with a lot of different mediums as well like sculpture and ceramics, printmaking, and jewelry and metalsmithing. I find myself very fascinated by the ability

There are two contemporary artists who influence me to be an artist in general: Georgia O’Keeffe and Jesse Lane. Other than the fact that Georgia O’Keeffe lived to be 99 years old, the way that Georgia O’Keeffe painted flowers and her use of color astonishes me, altogether she has become an inspiration to me since I was in middle school. I could go on and on about how amazed I am at how she manages to paint her flowers so beautifully and delicately. Moreover, the artist, Jesse Lane is a very talented artist that draws hyper realistic color pencil drawings. The amount of detail and attention to detail that Jesse puts into his drawings is eye-catching to me. I also find it interesting how someone can be so talented they are able to trick the mind into seeing something three-dimensional on a two-dimensional surface. Additionally, while I do in fact have artistic influences, I do not copy them, instead I might like the way they did something and use their technique in my own way.

While I have learned a lot about art and the different ways it has changed throughout time, I am more than aware there is more for me to learn, not to mention, my skills can be perfected more as no one is never exactly a true master with something. I hope that my artistic skills can be more perfected than they are in today’s time, and I want to one day be able to draw or paint hyper realistically. Other than this, I would like to someday be able to accurately as well as easily be able to convey feelings and a story through my art.


Mike Martin


The collection of artworks that are featured, range from several different types of mediums. These include: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and mixed media.

Photo Credit

Macy Kendall

Macy Kendall Art 399 Portfolio



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