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The Lens of Suicide

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Chad ReederFollow



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Fall 12-1-2021

Artist Statement

I have been shaped by loss. My art is deeply personal and is directly informed by the effects of suicide. I make art as a way to confront the reality of losing many loved ones and as a way to reconnect to the world by seeking friendships through conversations about suicide. Through photography and video my work challenges the stigma of suicide in order to save lives. I do this formally through different perspectives of light, pattern, shape and form. Additionally I print on larger format so that the viewer is overwhelmed as I have been with dealing with so much loss. My work uses symbolic representation through fire, doors and light fixtures to cast a different light onto suicide. I am interested on representing moments/scenes that can be interpreted as rebirth or the moment of death. For if suicide is not constantly talked about society will continue to lose beloved souls to their own unseen struggles.


Mike Martin


Printed images, majority are 8"x10" with others ranging from 11"x14" 16"x20" 20"x22" and 20"x24"

Photo Credit

Chad C. Reeder, 2018-21

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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

The Lens of Suicide



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