Spring 2017

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Spring 2017

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Lashae TaylorFollow


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Date of Creation

Spring 5-2017

Artist Statement

My paintings are an abstract representation of varying elements of life such as connection, choice, growth, and deterioration. I combine found objects from nature along with traditional painting mediums in a way that explores the range of my materials while exhibiting a relationship of emotional energy understanding to the human experience. The abstract expression of such experiences creates a broadened platform of communicating what we have in common with one another and the life that grows around us.

Among nature I have been greatly influenced by contemporary artists such as Betsy Stewart and Pat Steir’s abstract portrayals of nature and space through pattern, color, varying brushstrokes and paint viscosity. Sarah Cain is another contemporary abstract expressionist who’s work I gain influence from through her innovative use of traditional and non traditional materials and processes.

My own process is one of combining a sense of control and intuition. I choose a color palette and found object(s) from nature that enhance the emotional response related to each piece’s concept. By attaching such found objects onto my canvas I transform my paintings into a multidimensional, semi-sculptural encounter that evokes closer examination by the viewer. From there I come up with a broad compositional idea that continuously evolves as I paint. I experiment with my materials until I have reached the point where I feel it is complete. While I am working I also move my paintings from the floor to the easel depending on what painting method I am preforming. Such methods include mounting found objects, soak staining, splattering, glazing, and scumbling. The abstract spaces I create are emphasized through varying brushstrokes, texture, and color resulting in organic and inorganic patterns. I layer and blend color to further enhance a believable sense of depth and fluidity. With each piece I build upon my previous painting techniques in an effort to continuously evolve and individualize my art.

My work is important in connection to my process as it noticeably relates to the concepts being conveyed. By using nature to express varying elements of the human experience I reveal their shared characteristics. In a world where we continue to define, stereotype and discriminate one another based on our differences I believe it is more important to focus on the things we have in common; not only with one another but with nature as well. In doing this we can foster a relationship of respect that will have a positive impact for the future. There are many ways to communicate the aspects of life we all experience. By choosing to communicate these aspects through my painting, I evoke a visually dynamic stage that causes my viewer to examine their own emotions and experiences in relationship to my work and the world.


Sarah Gutwirth; Dale Leys; Micheal Martin; John Utgaard


My work ranges in size from 8X10 - 96x36"

I work in mediums such as oil, acrylic, and found objects.

Spring 2017