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Spring 2022

Artist Statement

Fear is something that every person experiences in their life. Ever since I was younger, this has been something that I’ve wanted to explore further. Since beginning studying at Murray State I have made this my main focus throughout mediums. When working in my primary medium, Woodworking, I aim to imbue zoomorphic aspects into the furniture that I build. With this, I am wanting to blur the line between what is real and what is unreal. I want my furniture to have an uncanny feeling when you look at it. In my 2D work, I am more drawn to narrative. I strive to have my 2D work have a cinematic quality. I often use myself as the subject, imagining myself in outlandish situations.

One of the primary aspects of my art is the complexity behind it. I aim to challenge myself and my limits, this is because I feel like I need to prove myself with my art, and I feel like complexity is the way to do so. Joseph Bueys is really what sparked my interest in horror as an art form. Bueys has numerous art pieces that really show the connection between humans and animals, and this is really what formed my draw towards animal forms in my furniture.


Sarah Martin, Mike Martin


Throughout a lot of my work, I work heavily in horror based themes. When this is translated into my main medium, Woodworking, I base my furniture off of different creatures, and really try to blur the line between what is familiar to everyone. This is best seen in my piece, "Coleoptera" which perfectly blurs the line between creature and furniture, with it's insectid legs.

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Cross Berry

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Cross Berry Art399 Portfolio



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