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Date of Creation

Winter 12-5-2022

Artist Statement

In my work, I lean towards the idea that my art could make people think about others around them. I was mainly inspired to do this by a video I was shown in high school that basically encouraged people to try and put themselves in other peoples’ shoes. I tend to lean towards a cartoony art style because I would like to go into the animation industry and I also like to give my art a comedic tone to it. As a graphic designer, I like to utilize all the tools that I have learned throughout college. In terms of layout design, I tend to play with hierarchy by choosing a lot of sans serif typefaces in my work. By doing this, it makes the text of my work one of the main focus points and it draws the viewer’s attention. I tend to use a color palette of two or three colors because I feel as though it does not take any attention away from the main focus of my work. I tend to make art that heavily relies on text mixing in with an illustration of some sort.

In terms of inspiration, I was mainly inspired by animator John Dilworth who created the Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon. I like how John is able to give characters in his cartoons a lot of depth and meaning while also making the viewer think and care about the characters. In terms of graphic design, I am inspired by works by graphic designers Luba Lukova and Stefan Sagmeister. I love Luba’s choice in making silhouettes of figures along with often a bright or dark color to go with it. I find that her works get straight to the point and that is what I hope to accomplish in my work. I like how Sagmeister experiments with the typefaces in his work and often hand letters his text. I hope to accomplish a minimalistic approach while also experimenting with type in my work.


Mike Martin; Jim Bryant


All of my work is presented in a digital format. Some artwork featured was also made using free mockups found online in order to display what it might look like. All of my work was created using Adobe products and more specifically Illustrator. These pieces of work should either be displayed on a monitor or be printed out on 11 x 17 tabloid paper and be hung from a wall. Most of the overall themes of my work are exactly as I put it in my artist statement. I tend to like to play with bold typefaces as well as cartoonish characters which can be seen in most of my work. I tend to use the typography in my work as a call to action in order to attract the viewer's attention. The cartoonish characters add to this by kind of explaining or showing what is going on.

Photo Credit

(All Images were taken by me, Skyler Pointer, 2022)

Skyler Pointer Art 399 Portfolio



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