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Fall 2022

Artist Statement

As I have grown as an artist and learned increasingly more difficult technical skills I have been able to continue to find what inspires me to create. My main focus as a medium has been split between metalsmithing and printmaking through the last few months of my academic career. I enjoy the contrast between what each material can convey to the viewing audience. The theme of my work specifically has been heavily focused on aquatic life, more specifically aquatic life that seems to be in a difficult situation. With much reflection I've come to the conclusion that in most situations the form represented in my work signifies myself as an individual progressing through hardships.

While I have been experimenting with my chosen mediums, specific attributes from both have interested and inspired me to create different things based on what i'm working with. With my metals projects I have been more interested in creating moveable, almost playful, pieces. I enjoy being able to pick up a tangible piece of art and experiment with the form and layout of it. I have worked on creating connected items that still have a story of their own if they were separated. My most recent work was a decorative and hangable fish made with nickel, copper, and casted bronze items. I'm looking forward to seeing how the environment it's placed in will impact its life.

Printmaking overall has been a more specific focus recently. I like to create a narrative within a piece of work that can change depending on how the person viewing relates to it. I have repeatedly taken inspiration from some of my past works to further enhance how they can be seen and create a more interesting composition.

An overarching theme with my work depends drastically on having someone to view the work. I love the added addition and the near impossibility of predicting someone's reaction to the work.


Antje Gamble, Mike Martin


The general theme of my work is based on living things as well as the longevity of nonliving things. The two base mediums I prefer to work in are metalsmithing and printmaking. With my printmaking i like to tell a story and create a narrative around aquatic animals that are in danger for one reason or another. With my metalsmithing I like to create forms that can be moveable and interactive. I look forward to seeing how those pieces look in a few years to see the impact that humans have had on it.

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Molly Ramsey

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