Final Portfolio/Digital Commons

Final Portfolio/Digital Commons

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wei huFollow


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Fall 8-10-2017

Artist Statement

Wei was Born in Zhejiang province, China in 1990. Wei started to learn drawing at 9 years old, he learned calligraphy and Chinese painting. During the drawing, Wei won a lot of awards. 2010-2012, Wei studied art design in Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics in China. In the university, Wei joined the Xiyu Work Studio, this an art design studio for student organizations. After 2012, Wei transfer to Murray State University and learn art/art studio, he chooses many interesting classes, like sculpture, woodmaking, ceramics, painting, photograph and so on. He got Clara M. Eagle Scholarship in 2014. Now, Wei mainly learn the contents of graphic design, he wanted to combine the Chinese design and American design to create. In printmaking, Wei tried to use Chinese countryside’s old house style; in graphic design, he often used Chinese elements, like the effect of Chinese painting, Chinese red, Chinese words and so on.


T. Martin


Painting, Drawing, Wood, Iron etc.

Final Portfolio/Digital Commons