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Spring 2-21-2022

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My name is Miranda Tynes and I am a multiple medium artist. I have enjoyed painting, ceramics, and woodworking so far. These disciplines are very different from each other, but it is nice to work a different part of the brain, eye, or hands to create in these different mediums. With painting I work my brain and eyes for color and composition, with ceramics my hands and eyes for form and movement, and with woodworking my brain and hands for the process, physical work and attention to detail. I also like experimenting with adding separate materials to each process. Some contemporary artists who inspire me include Jessica Stoller, Malcolm Smith, and Angela Wang . As for Stoller, we do not share visuals, but I do share concepts with her and the way she speaks about feminist issues in her interviews really hits home. As for Smith, I am inspired by the movement and combination of line and curve in Smith’s works, and how he can tell a really important story. As for Wang, she is an illustrator whose religious imagery inspires me greatly, and the delicate, yet intricate, detail is beautiful and something I wish to add to my work. While I wish for my work to be beautiful, I also use my work as a way to express things that I would usually have difficulty expressing to people verbally. My work is a form of expression and communication about my views. Outside of the art world, I have always been a very spiritual person, have loved learning about religions, and been fascinated by divine beings. Other influences can be seen in the loose representations of florals in the Art Nouveau period, the intricate delicate beauty of the Victorian period, the rich heaviness of the design of many old cathedrals, the vague slightly mysterious and strange beauty of cubism, and the absurdity hidden in surrealism. These things may not all seem to connect immediately, but I like that they all have some sort of fascinating aspect. They all have that thing about them that just makes you have to keep looking, and keep exploring it, and it stays with you. You never forget it because it has touched your soul in some way. I have so many influences from a time when people could devote their entire lives to creating beautiful works. They had a way to make things intricate with ethereal beauty and did their best to perfect each piece. I hope someday I will be able to do the same, I hope to create something intensely beautiful, so wonderful it can surprise the viewer and they forget the world around them and are fascinated by something's beauty even if for only a few moments of their life. I hope to bring a few moments of wonder to someone, and make a memory they will cherish, and can remember as one of the reasons to keep going. This world is very hard to live in, so I hope to one day have at least one work that, like the many great artists of the past, can bring someone peaceful wonder for a few moments, and let them remember there are some things that make life worth living.


T. Micheal Martin, John Uttgard, Jessica Fife


Untitled, Ceramic, 8x 5x 5, 2019

Seraphim, Cast Ceramic, 10x 9x 5, 2022

Long Bowl, Ceramic, 11x 3.5x 2, 2022

Peekaboo-Devo, Oil on Canvas Paper, 18x 24, 2023

These projects were all prompted in class projects but I tried to add some of my thoughts and personality. The first, Untitled, was done in my freshman year and led me to adventure more in ceramics, and was a work talking about respecting and caring for yourself. The cast work reflects my interest in biblically accurate angels and how they could be more terrifyingly beautiful than we depict them. The "Long bowl" with flowers, was a more ergonomic work that I wanted to be a little more different than my other work in that I wanted it to focus on its tactile feel, but I also tried to keep some of that same delicate aesthetic as my other ceramics have had. As for the painting, it was a prompt to paint a song, and I wanted to be able to do my illustrative aesthetic, which is completely different from the aesthetics used in my ceramics, my illustrations are supposed to feel ghastly and hold a little sadness or fear in them, they are more expressive than my other works.

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Miranda Tynes

Professional Blend XII



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