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Date of Creation

Fall 12-3-2023

Artist Statement

The majority of my work is still very fresh and new. The pieces that get made are typically for college assignments presented in class, more specifically ceramic pieces. For most of my artwork I grab inspiration from my family and pets. I find the most joy in creating pieces through clay on the throwing wheel. The pieces that have been created are a variety of ceramic pieces such as mugs, jars, pitchers, as well as a two-foot cat shaped vase. It is very difficult for me to be able to sit down with a pencil and paper and be able to illustrate a piece to the liking of my ability. What brings me the most joy is creating 3D artwork, because it allows me to utilize my hands more so than with a pen and paper. One artist that inspires my work is Logan Chyla. Logan is a Ceramicist whose work is very simplistic and is very clean cut. I take inspiration from him, because I enjoy the sleek and sophisticated look of my ceramic pieces I make as well. Another artist I take inspiration from is my very own ceramics professor John Utgaard. John’s pieces are very slick and clean and have a uniformity about them. John has also experimented with an array of glazes to create different looks on his pieces. I want to experiment with different color combinations when it comes to my pieces as well.


Sarah Martin; Mike Martin


The majority of my pieces are ceramic with the exception of images 2, 3, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. Image 2 is made out of wood and used a laser cutter to cut out the shapes needed. Image 3 is needle felted wool in an 8"x 10" picture frame. Image 16 is made up of chicken wire, a tablecloth, and other miscellaneous items. Image 17 is acrylic paint on a watercolor paper. Image 18 is an illustrator illustration. Image 19 is made out of cardboard pieces hot glued together, and Image 20 is made out of paper. The rest of my pieces are either mugs, jars, or a ceramic cat vase.

Photo Credit

Photo credit, Image 19, Miss. Cameron Neal, 2023

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