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Fall 12-5-2023

Artist Statement

A plethora of my artwork is based on imaginary animals and their role in reality or fantasy. I utilize pencil and charcoal to add depth and feeling to the piece whether it is colored or monochromatic. To make the drawings, I first gather some ideas from creatures from mythology or the virtual landscape and add some features of my own design. This passion for capturing creatures, real or fictional, can utilize their unusual adaptations from a scientific point of view as a way to merge two of my interests. I have always been fascinated by animals, especially mythical ones or the ones created in Japanese animae . They have a unique array of powers and traits that are so awe inspiring. I have a handful of animals that are my favorite but top of them are dragons. They come in a myriad of shapes and sizes all over the world, and they have different powers to boot.

My work is about taking something imaginary and making it feel real through an analytical point of view. By providing a mythical perspective on real world objects through a methodical and meticulous point of view that may seem foreign to be used in such a context. For example, by allowing a fictitious creature with a particular characteristic that does not seem plausible initially. However, the characteristic has an unforeseen purpose much like the adaptation that animals acquire over time.


Dr. Michael Martin


My collection (exhibit) consists of these fourteen works in which eleven are in graphite (pencil), two in charcoal where one is combined with pencils, and one which utilizes ink on stain paper . What attracts me to a piece of art or design is symbolism that has some personal significance. The work is connected through my choice of media creating pieces that invoke the evolution in which the viewer can observe and engage through my creatures of fantasy with later transitioning to nostalgia.

The theme of evolving as an artist stems from humble beginnings and through guidance and support, I feel that “Atlas” encapsulates my passion and burdens as expressed through my art. The works are captured on 24in.x 18.5 inch sheets of paper that are delicate and still hold imperfections which reflect my art as well as life. self-confidence as an artist. This all leads to “Atlas” the Greek Titan that bears the weight of the Heavens on his shoulders. This symbol of strength and endurance is both a blessing and a curse, which can be equated to the study of art which can seem like a Herculean task. I would like my art with its physical and emotional challenges to inspire the viewer to embrace their artistic journey. The inspiration for these pieces comes from the outside world including Japanese media as well as the mythology that is integrated in the culture. which whimsical and silly can draw everyone's attention. “Back to Square One “the marrying of nature, art and science as a way to connect the audience to the work through nostalgia and fantasy. My exhibit should invoke a feel of another place and time where possibilities abound.

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Michael Ridenour

Michael Ridenour 399 Art Portfolio



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