Final Portfolio/Digital Commons Assignment

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Final Portfolio/Digital Commons Assignment

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Kaitlyn StewardFollow


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Fall 11-29-2017

Artist Statement

Patternmaking as well as people and places in my environment influence my drawings. I’m interested in the figure and how actions of the figure can be dissolved and simplified into patterns and mark making. My drawings portray the subject and their surroundings representationally, but some aspect will dissipate into shape, line, or pattern. I am interested in the negative space a figure can create and filling that space with line work that is just as interesting as the figural aspect of the drawing.

My intrigue with space is further explored in my paintings, but from a slightly different perspective. Currently, I am moving into paintings that relate more heavily to my interest in understanding moments of high stress that often end with dark, emotional outcomes. I find learning the layout of a space in which something traumatic happened is a way for me to understand and assess a situation that would otherwise create great anxiety. My paintings are my way of trying to understand and cope with complex personal issues in an analytical, well-thought answer. I attempt to paint a story, usually trying to give some indication of setting, symbols of the conflict, and a sense of the layout, whether that is spatially or chronologically. Inspired by design blueprints and model- making, I paint interiors of spaces to convey that the setting of the scene is just as vital to the escalation of a situation as the participants.

Artists like Emily Brock, David Oliviera, and Charlotte Mann inspire me.

Emily Brock’s glass miniatures invite the viewer into tiny spaces, and they encourage you to see an everyday setting as a novel encounter. Charlotte Mann’s large-scale drawings take her mundane subject matter to another level. Exceptionally common imagery becomes overwhelming from afar, but rewarding up close and I would like to portray this in my drawings. David Oliviera’s wire sculptures are the perfect dichotomy between this delicate material and the aggressively styled and bent figures. It’s a delicate balance I would like to learn to reach in both my drawings and paintings.


Ms. Danielle Muzina; Mr. Dale Leys; Mrs. Heather Logsdon


"Life Through Lenses" Charcoal, chalk pastel, and thread on canvas.

"Intertwined" Pen on paper.

"Wound" Pen on paper.

"Identity" Pen, chalk pastel on paper.

"Something old, something new" Chalk pastel, pen on canvas.

"Dissipate" Chalk pastel, pen on canvas.

"Spilling secrets" Pen and embroidery thread on paper.

"Tea Pot Still LIfe" Oil on canvas

"Lemon Still Life" Oil on canvas

"Figure Reading" Oil on canvas

"She" Oil on canvas

"The sink" Oil on canvas

"When she went" Acrylic and oil on canvas.

Final Portfolio/Digital Commons Assignment