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Spring 5-7-2024

Artist Statement

Life is an intricate tapestry of emotions, aspirations, and profound interactions. My artistic journey is dedicated to capturing the essence of these moments and offering viewers a glimpse into my unique perspective. Whether through the rich textures of oil painting or the raw expressiveness of ink and graphite, my aim is to transport viewers into immersive narratives that resonate deeply.

Drawing inspiration from masters like Vincent Van Gogh and Sarah Dean, I integrate vibrant colors and dynamic lines into my work. The swirling patterns reminiscent of Van Gogh's night skies and Dean's masterful equine portrayals serve as guiding influences, enriching my artistic vocabulary.

Each stroke of my brush or pen is infused with personal experiences and observations, inviting viewers to connect with scenes they may never have encountered firsthand. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, I strive to evoke emotions and provoke contemplation, fostering meaningful connections between art and audience.


Mike Martin


WIthin my work I strive to capture and share the emotions I feel. Expressing the happiness and love I feel for what themes I focus on. Painting is a great love of mine, I depict my equine figures in naturalistic settings while in my illustrations my work forms into more of an ethereal light and directional line work.

I want the viewer to be able to fall in love with the feeling my work gives them, getting as close as they can to being me. Expressing my strong emotions and opinions is my way of doing so. Whether its through my love of horses, fiction, my significant other, or my fears.

Photo Credit

Photo credit, Jordan Harrell, 2024

Jordan Harrell ART399 Portfolio



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