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Download Thumbnail Sheet (16.6 MB)

Download Oil Pastel Drawing of my sister Emily (451 KB)

Download Painting I made from a photo I took at the Elk and Bison Prarie (136 KB)

Download Abstract Oil Pastel Drawing (131 KB)

Download Colored pencil drawing (40 KB)

Download Painting of my sister in my mental health series (25 KB)

Download Abstract cat portrait (130 KB)

Download Charcoal drawing of zoomed in flag accordion (21 KB)

Download Oil Painting of my mom (119 KB)

Download Still life with crocs (66 KB)

Download Oil Painting self portrait in my mental health series (28 KB)

Download OIl painting of my brother-in-law in my mental health series (33 KB)

Download Artist book (1st side) (1.8 MB)

Download Artist book (2nd Side) (1.8 MB)

Download Metalsmithing necklace about nature allergies (14 KB)

Download Sculpture (32 KB)

Download White Charcoal deer (17 KB)

Download Anatomy study (16 KB)

Download Nature Drawing (50 KB)

Download drawing of me and my dog (30 KB)

Download Abstract Self Portait (44 KB)

Download Wood Cat cutting board (77 KB)

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Date of Creation

Spring 5-7-2024

Artist Statement

I often think about the meanings behind my artwork. Why do I create what I create? I’ve realized more recently that the answer is simple. I make art about the things I love. More often than not it can be simplified to the people I love. They seem to be the subject of at least seventy-five percent of my artwork. Not to exclude those we think of as “Children”, or simply our pets. I also love to draw and paint nature scenery. Painting is the medium I mainly use. I use a wide arrange of acrylics, oils and watercolors. I specifically love to paint flowers due to their vibrant colors and different varieties. Most of my artwork is happy, however, it often reflects on my personal life at that time.

The subject of my work has recently shifted to mental health awareness. This is do to a tragedy that occurred in my family. It has caused me to reflect on my own mental health, and others around me who I know have struggled. When working on landscapes, floral centerpieces, or incorporating pets into my work, I often look to Peach McComb. She combines realism with abstraction. Another inspiration for me is Guy Denning. I gravitate towards the sketchy lines he incorporates into his finished pieces, as this is something I see throughout my works. I use my artwork to send a message about myself, others, or simply the world around me.


Rebecca Williams and Mike Martin


The artwork in this exhibit consists of a variety of different media. I have included everything from oil paintings, oil pastel and alcohol market drawings, sculpture, and even woodworking. My sizes range from works that are 36x23 to smaller 14x16 drawings. I have a cat that I made out of wood that is 14x12x1 1/2 inches for example.

Photo Credit

Photo credit: Hayley Runyon (All Photos)

Hayley Runyon Art 399 Portfolio



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