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Fall 5-8-2024

Artist Statement

My photographic work documents the landscape and plants in rural Western Kentucky and Tennessee. Through botanical specimens, such as flowers, I show the beauty of this area. I contemplate the influence of humans and the transformation of previously untouched land. Through landscape photography, in color with black and white film and alternative processes, I seek natural places that provide a calm and stable feeling.

Exploring the relationships between objects, considering the lines they create or the interplay of soft shadows, reveals a play of rough and soft textures, accentuated by mid-tones—a shared element with the three chosen artists. Many of the works render a flower that grows wild or a seasonal one, bodies of water, a forest or a rural landscape. A focal point in many of my works shows a symmetrical composition, emphasizing stability. In my cyanotypes and photograms, I rely on instinct and intuition, reflecting the manual skills ingrained in me growing up and my background as a former biology major. The inclusion of Buttercups (Daffodils) seamlessly honors my grandfather, fondly known as "poppa," symbolizing beauty and life's possibilities. His teachings, emphasizing step-by-step problem-solving, resonated with me, while my biology background informed my exploration of nature through landscape photography.

The influence of photographers like Terry Evans, particularly her body of work "Prairie Specimens" is one that I emulate because of our shared affinity for botany to document the ever-changing landscape. Dana Fritz creates photographic monographs of natural and constructed landscapes, both of our works, mostly use black-and-white imagery. Imogen Cunningham's bold use of plants, characterized by striking mid-tones, center composition, and a filling of the frame, serves as inspiration. Whether employing cameraless processes or capturing landscapes each subject is approached with curiosity and respect, leading to a profound exploration of digital and analog photography.


Mike Martin; Cintia Segovia


Examining the connections between objects, contemplating the lines they form and the interplay of gentle shadows, reveals a juxtaposition of rough and soft textures, heightened by mid-tones—a common thread shared with the three selected artists. Many of my pieces depict untamed flowers or those tied to the seasons, alongside bodies of water, forests, or rural landscapes. A recurring motif in my artwork is the use of symmetrical composition, underscoring a sense of stability. In my cyanotypes and photograms, I trust my instincts and intuition, a reflection of the manual dexterity instilled in me during my upbringing and my background as a former biology student. The incorporation of Buttercups (Daffodils) serves as a seamless homage to my grandfather, affectionately referred to as "poppa," symbolizing beauty and the endless possibilities of life. His teachings, which prioritized methodical problem-solving, deeply resonated with me, while my studies in biology have informed my exploration of nature through the lens of landscape photography.

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Beth bailey

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