Life Through My Eyes

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Life Through My Eyes

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Mattie McArthurFollow


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Fall 12-1-2017

Artist Statement

Mattie McArthur

As a photographer, I use digital and film photography. I chose this media, because it allows me to capture memory, as well as recreate a memory. It also allows room to play with the idea of realistic and unrealistic subjects. I work with the media, because it is easiest for me to grasp, and share a concept, I create using real life, and the use of a camera allows me to do just that. I strive to create images, which speak out on topical situations, we as humans face, and create for ourselves. I practice this work by using the human body, along with research on the subject. In my photography, I start with a focus, and create a story, that will speak to the viewer as well as myself the artist.


Timothy Martin


10 Photographs Series on Matte Mounted 16x20

19 Photographs series on Luster paper 8x10

4 sereis Photograph 16x20

Charcoal Drawing, 16x20

Oil Paining 20x24

4 series Ceramic Plates

Life Through My Eyes