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Download The Trash Suit is a repulsive wearable. The suit is made from trash I collected from my daily environment. (190 KB)

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Download This is a colllaborative paper installation based on a short story. (240 KB)

Download This is a watercolor painting about my chilldhood exploraiton place. (2.7 MB)

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Download Is a wearable made of cardboard, resembling the growths found on trees, visible above my head in the picture. (3.0 MB)

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Spring 3-26-2023

Artist Statement

Seeing how humans pollute nature by leaving their trash behind has been an ongoing question. Why are humans contaminating our environment? As an artist, I am passionate about the environment and its preservation. Drawing and making art from found materials has always been a part of my life. When I was young, I would draw in the dirt or stack objects into structures; and in my first year of college, I realized the connection between my lingering question and my childhood art-making.

In my freshman year, I started to explore art-making from recycled materials. Since we live in a throw-away society, junk is an abundant resource. Most of the junk I use is sourced from the natural environment left behind by humans. I use these found objects in my work to create a sense of connection between the viewer and nature. By working with trash, I aim to promote the preservation of our environment or questioning of consumption and I will continue to conserve materials by reusing waste. My work is thought-provoking. I want viewers to become more aware of their surroundings and our Earth.


Sarah Martin, Mike Martin, John Utgaard


The Trash Suit is a repulsive wearable. The suit is made from trash I collected from my daily environment. The suit confronts the ugliness of litter when being worn. I give forgotten objects a second life. As an individual wears the Trash Suit, they feel the weight of responsibility for their ecological footprint. My work is thought-provoking. The Trash Suit is 11" x 11".

Photo Credit

Photo Credit, John Utgaard, 2023 Trash Suit

Photo Credit, Ryan Bridgforth, 2023 Cutting Board

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