Final Portfolio Assignment

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Final Portfolio Assignment


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Fall 11-30-2017

Artist Statement

- “Art, should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” (Banksy.)

I feel the power of art is derived from its ability to allow otherness to be addressed, encouraging the viewer to engage with topics that are ignored or difficult for them. Art is the platform for my critique of society.

My work focuses specifically on my personal experiences relating to the “F” word.


“1 a (1) : of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs

  • In a field of milkweed, I watched a female monarch butterfly deposit a single egg on the underside of a leaf. —Tom Tyning

  • A few months later, she became the highest paid female performer on the Great White Way. —Susannah McCorkle

(2) : having or producing only pistils or pistillate flowers

  • a female holly

  • female inflorescences

b : made up of usually adult members of the female sex : consisting of females

  • the female workforce

c : characteristic of girls, women, or the female sex : exhibiting femaleness

  • composed for female voices

  • a female name

d : designed for or typically used by girls or women

  • a female glove

e : engaged in or exercised by girls or women

  • female suffrage

2 : having some quality (such as small size or delicacy of sound) associated with the female sex

  • female castanets

3 : designed with a hollow or groove into which a corresponding male part fits

  • the female coupling of a hose

— femaleness noun`` (Webster.)

Feeling bound to use the “F” word as my label, is a perfect example of the otherness that drives my work. I create wearable props that exaggerate and imprison my figure, drawing attention to the restrictions I feel placed on me for just being female. External stimuli like advertising images and day-to-day life interactions provide the inspiration for these objects. I look at artists like Nick Cave and how his soundsuits fuel the viewers senses without preconceived judgment, by eliminating identity.

During this journey as a woodworker, I have been trying to push the preconceived notions that I have created about the material. It is my goal to attack the boundaries of wood through the incorporation of varying, unconventional materials, as well as the concept of what wood can be used for.

There are endless possibilities to all things and what an artist may do. It is only now that I have begun to find what I’m passionate about, my mind has been opened to the possibilities of creating work that challenges me.


Sarah Martin, Timothy Martin


wood, metal, paint, found objects

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Final Portfolio Assignment