Ruochen Zhou ART WORK

Ruochen Zhou ART WORK

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Fall 12-6-2016

Artist Statement

I am still trying to show the freedom in my works that an artistic life provides to me and also find the process of making artwork is a way to release inner stress. At this time, I still focus on the sculpture, because making sculpture is perfect for creative expression and release of tension. In this semester, I change the style about the way I make art, there are more rotate, line combination, hang spring and materialism on my project, I think that is more suitable to show the meaning of freedom.

I still enjoy making other things as well to balance myself, there are more graphic designs blend into my life, I like that so much, and I want to combine the 2D designs and the 3D sculpture. Because of my traditional Chinese upbringing, I strive to make my artwork as perfect as possible. Since I keep get more and more American culture, there is big problem coming, which is I always think too much and takes more time when I make stuff. That is let me cannot put force one idea, I consider this as part of my work style, but I feel awkward to simply the idea at all the time. Even though I value tradition in the making, the result is not always a traditional form or expression. I prefer the unconventional, the slightly weird. And I found there are a little bit funny in my work, maybe that is the way I also can think about it.

Because I keep watch the ART21 video every day, so more and more artists’ information I can get. There is a sculptor who name is Damián Ortega; He uses objects from his daily life, to make spectacular sculptures which suggest stories of both mythic import and cosmological scale. He often suspended from the ceiling or as part of mechanized systems; that is similar to what I do in this year, same technique and focused on one idea.

Because of my work style, I still have unique character and behavior. I add unconventional things to my projects, not keep to a traditional method all the time, but sometimes being crazy. I keep asking, learning, searching, and doing, and that is the period where I stay right now.


Timothy Martin; Christopher Larvery; Dale Leys; John Utgaard


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Ruochen Zhou ART WORK