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Fall 12-5-2017

Artist Statement

I’ve always had a passion for art and design as well as assisting those with mental and physical disabilities. When I was searching for a career in the arts and I discovered Art Therapy I knew I had found my calling. Art has always assisted me through my life experiences. I want to be able to help those with mental and physical disabilities do the same.

The major inspiration for my work is being able to assist individuals with mental and physical disabilities and seeing their everyday struggles and how they overcome them, that your typical individual would take for granted. My art can be vague and mysterious with what I am trying to communicate. I want the viewers to be able to observe my work and discover their own meaning.

I am more drawn to art where the meaning is not immediately clear. Abstract art has always interested me. With abstract art, you can find new and inventive ways to express things, those things could be very simple but made to look more complex and intriguing. Also with abstract art, the work must speak for itself and allow the viewer to decide.

I try to find inspiration for my work in everything that I do and see. One artist that has always been an inspiration to me is Jackson Pollock. He put his whole self into all his work. If something of his fell out of his pocket or he had to stand on his piece to get at the correct angle, he would leave whatever fell out and he would even include his footprints. That’s how I want to be with my work, and all the individuals that I work with. I want to put everything I have and that I am into my work.


Sarah Martin; Jeanne Beaver


Wood, metal, paint, ink, charcoal, ceramics.

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