Download Thumbnail Sheet (603 KB)

Download Conduits, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor 9”x9” 2016 (637 KB)

Download Pertaining to who?, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor 8”x10” 2016 (642 KB)

Download Pseudostratified, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor, Graphite Size 2016 (963 KB)

Download How to Scrutinize, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor 20”x22” 2016 (759 KB)

Download Intersection of Clones, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor 5”x9” 2016 (882 KB)

Download Going and Ongoing, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor 22”x24” 2016 (792 KB)

Download Cohere, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor 14”x16” 2016 (815 KB)

Download The Nook of a Niche, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor 14”x14” 2016 (615 KB)

Download Untitled Prismacolor, Collage 10”x17” 2016 (653 KB)

Download Our Terrain, Prismacolor 8”x10” 2016 (488 KB)

Download Inevitable Dispersion, Oil on Canvas 3’x5’ 2016 (790 KB)

Download Unveiling Pursuit, Oil on Canvas 2’x5’ 2016 (723 KB)

Download Habitual but Free, Oil on Canvas 4’x4’ 2016 (960 KB)

Download Inaction Forever, Oil on Canvas 4’x4’ 2016 (745 KB)

Download Chancy, Oil on Canvas 3’x4’ 2016 (826 KB)

Download First Encounter, Oil on Canvas 4’x4’ 2016 (881 KB)

Download Unsound, Oil on Canvas 4’x4’ 2016 (1.2 MB)

Download Momentarily and Artist, Oil on Canvas 6”x12” 2016 (607 KB)

Download Furtherance, Oil on Canvas 1’x1’ 2016 (654 KB)

Download Where Am I?, Oil on Canvas 5”x8” 2016 (379 KB)

Academic Level at Time of Creation


Date of Creation

Fall 12-6-2016

Artist Statement

My work is non-objective and abstracted as it references the human form and also invents new forms, combining the matured physicality of the human body and our beginnings (smaller pieces i.e. cells, atoms). I am interested in the seemingly endless problems that the human body can solve as well as working towards understanding its limitations both physically and mentally. The intersection of contrary ideas and the forcing of harmony between them fuels my creative process. The idea of opposites becoming one entity both formally and conceptually is rich for me, as I want to explore those points of friction and resolution.

My current work involves a process of arriving at a general concept about the body that peaks my curiosity and then working intuitively with the paint to explore this idea. As I create, I am continuously learning more about the specific scientific process that I choose to inspire each piece. I am also learning more about using color, composition and scale to connect with the viewer. Jenny Saville’s grotesque depiction of the human form and the visceral quality of her work coincides with my interest in undesirable reality and experimenting with the size and weight of my marks. Lee Bontecou’s work inspires mine in the way she creates cellular like organic forms, often dealing with space that becomes a sort of vacuum. Additionally, Frantisek Kupka’s non-objective work combines the energy and building up of shapes to create forms that I strive to achieve in my painting.

From the sheer number of processes that occur each second within us to the fleshy quality of our bodies, my attraction to the human form comes from my search for the power or force that created our bodies in all of their complexity, whether it be God, chemistry, chance, or something that is not meant to be explained. I strive for my audience to be fascinated with themselves and to see their own body as something remarkable, in its intricacy and flawless execution of thousands of processes.


Sarah Gutwirth, Dale Leys, Mike Martin, Zbynek Smetana


My work focuses on my fascination with the human body and my need to explore the complex world inside of each of us. I use cellular imagery and my own abstract interpretation to conjure up fantasy spaces that mimic the thousands of process that keep us alive daily. I mainly focus on oil painting but I also often draw using chalk pastel and prismacolor pencils. Images 1-10 are drawings using those materials and include both an organic/amoebic element combined with harsh geometric shapes. I think this pairing creates an interesting tension in my drawings as well as describes both the visceral and mechanical aspects of the body. Images 11-20 are oil painting that work to describe general bodily functions using color. composition and movement.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit, Logan Weihe, 2016

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License.

Logan Weihe's Artwork



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