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Spring 5-4-2018

Artist Statement

My preferred media is oil paint on varying objects and ink drawings. The subject matter is drawn from life or studied then imagined later in the studio to add a creative and unnatural feeling. Through the use of vibrant fractal shapes dissipating from the subject to captivate the viewer’s eye. I also take the liberty of using influences of pop artist, American Realists and Golden Age comic book art, I use the two periods and synthesize them into a more contemporary anatomy study. I really enjoy the dynamic and thick lines in both comic book illustrators and pop artists but crave to have a naturalistic sense of proportions that give my subject a unique personality. The use of color in my pieces are extremely saturated and draw a lot of inspiration from conceptual artists such as Tyler Lockett, Sun GuoLiang and Emmanuel Malin. In more recent works I have pushed myself to be more experimental with my use of media i.e. using coffee as a substitute for paint thinner or painting on the back side of a panel to force more layers and dimensions throughout the works. The messages in my work varies but are not limited to; social critiques on the view of intelligence, a discussion of domestic violence in relationships, the visual effects of stress and how one views the world, and an exploration of glyphs and how they can apply meaning in relatively mundane objects (such as billboards) and their catalytic nature in self evaluations.


mike martin


All Show and No Go. 4’ x 4’. Spring 2018. Oil on canvas. All Show and No Go focuses on the superficial nature of those who have influence of hallucinatory reactions to stress. The positioning of the chairs are positioned in front of both a mirror and window to show reflection of one self and an empty distorted head space. Sweeping lines of vibrant color are put to drag the viewer around in a dizzying fashion to recreate the sensation of having a room melt under pressure. This was a longer personal project that spans from the time span of August to February with each lesson I learned in Professor Muzina’s class I would go back into the painting and add more techniques/problems the lessons would make me work through.oil on canvas Beet, Lime, Pepper. 4ft x 2ft 2018ink on paper 11x14inches Still life 2018 12 inches x 12 inches. Oil and pencil on wood panel. Wanting to push structural abstraction even further I decided to use the back part of the wood panel to add more layers of physical depth and dimension; by doing this the the picture is delved further into abstraction by this physical boundary in the painting. Another characteristic of this painting is the carving of painting onto relatively rendered images with a pencil to complete its boundaries on what the object is.

8x6inches oil on canvas Landscape

Bumping Gums. 18x 24” Fall 2017. Oil on canvas. Bumping Gums

Day n Night ink on paper, 14x11 inches

Goin’ Postal. 24x 48” Fall 2017. Oil, spray paint, coffee grounds, sharpie on canvas. Goin’ Postal

Ink on paper. 11x14 inches. Nude study

Looking for Virginia’s Eggs and Coffee. 20 x 18” Fall 2017. Oil on canvas. Looking for Virgnia's Eggs and Coffee

Oil on canvas, pointillism practice. Disciplines

Necrotic Love. 18 x 18”. Spring 2018. Oil on canvas. 18_BaileyRoman_ProBlend_Necrotic Love

Not so Much. 20 x 18” Fall 2017. Oil on canvas. Not so Much

Old School. 18 x 24”Fall 2017. Oil on canvas. Old School

Mac Space. 14 x 18” Fall 2017. Oil on canvas. 18_BaileyRoman_ProBlend_Mac Space

11x14inches. Timeout. Ink on paper 2017

Comic nude, ink on paper. 23x18inches. 2016

It’s Only the Second Semester and I’m Already Emotionally Exhausted; Maybe I should Eat a Burrito. 24x24”. Spring 2017. Oil on canvas. It's Only the Second Semester and I'm Already Emotionally Exhausted; Maybe I Should Eat a Burrito

Take My Pills, 23x18inches, ink on paper

Acrylic and oil on canvas 2018 Abstract

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Pro Prac Bailey Roman



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