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Spring 5-3-2018

Artist Statement

As a painter, I have always been intrigued by the relationship of color, shape, and composition. While my work mostly consists of oil paint on canvas, I also use acrylic paint, gesso, and wood stain. My work evolves with that of my immediate surroundings, taking daily, ordinary scenes of life and how light and color can affect the visual reading of a scene. My work shifts between a continuum of abstract and realistic work, a painting being either non-objective, abstract, or representational. I find great inspiration in ordinary, everyday scenes and objects, ranging from interiors, nature, social, and urban scenes. I often shift between abstract and representational work because while I greatly enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of abstract work, I equally enjoy the structure and study of representational work.


Danielle Muzina


oil on canvas

pastel on paper

charcoal paper

oil on panel

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