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Mind Collage

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Rebekah Nichole ThulineFollow



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Spring 5-2-2018

Artist Statement

I illustrate images that dive into different ideas but roughly stay around a few basic themes i'm drawn to. These themes link to either play with color theory, phycology, or images that take on a certain topics such as food, animals, nature, that mix together to create either an unusual narrative or a simple image. I prefer to create illustrations with ink pens, but I will also work with other materials such as pastels, charcoal, graphic and even digital mediums.

Some of the inspirations for these works go back to artists Salvador dali and Rene Magritte. Both surrealists that painted strange images that narrate a story or emotion or an idea from their mind with interesting color pallet choices. This alone has always interested me for years. When an image pops into my head I want to do my best to draw it out for everyone to see. I'm not ashamed by my imagination but proud to express the creative thinking process I go through and adding my own personal meanings to them. Just goes to show how the mind wanders.


T. Michael Martin


Different subjects and ideas made with a variety of mediums that allow for different outcomes relating to said subject matter.

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Mind Collage



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