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Catherine Alexander



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Spring 5-4-2018

Artist Statement

Have you ever created a whole entire story in your head? Or been looking at an old photograph and imagine how you would fit into it? My imagination constantly runs wild with all kinds of stories. My work deals with narratives rather they be fantasies or personal, represented through series of photographs and prints.

My screen prints focus on a particular story that’s a twist on ancient mythology, with subtle narrative I have created and mixed within it. The print gives the viewer just a small glimpse into the story’s narrative. I want the viewer to be able to identify the myth the print is referencing and understand the story. I’m influenced stylistically by illustrator Victo Ngai and her prints in the book Chinese Fairy Tale and Fantasies by Yiyun Li.

With photography I take a different approach, rather than a fantasy narrative, my photos are a more personal narrative. The series is focused around my family history, and merging the past and present through family photographs centered around important locations and new photographs of what those locations look like today. The series was inspired by with website Dear Photograph started by Taylor Jones.

I also take a mixture of prints and photos to create stop motion animations as well as GIFs. The idea of turning my prints into animations came from artist Andrew DeCaen. The animations are used to create a sense of time using multiples, giving the viewer more than just a glimpse into the story. With the use of animations and GIFs I am allowed to further the concepts and ideas of both my photos and prints.


Nicole Hand; Kristin Reeves


“unity quilt”

screen print on fabric with sewing


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Catherine Alexander



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