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Nance Craven_ProPracSP18

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Download Thumbnail Sheet (462 KB)

Download Conte Pencil on paper, 2016. 18”x24” (1007 KB)

Download Conte Pencil on paper, 2016. 18”x 24” (114 KB)

Download Charcoal on paper, 2016. 9”x 12” (402 KB)

Download Basswood and Maple, 2016. 14”x5”x10” (6.5 MB)

Download Poplar and Walnut, 2017. 8”x11”x6” (2.4 MB)

Download Solid cherry wood, 2017. 18” x 24”x 24” (2.4 MB)

Download Soft pastel on watercolor paper, 2017. 6”x 9” (133 KB)

Download Soft pastel on watercolor paper, 2017. 6”x 9” (1.1 MB)

Download I Think You’re the Bee’s Pajamas sketch.jpg (56 KB)

Download Intaglio, 2017. 8”x 10” (290 KB)

Download Not at All block.jpg (3.2 MB)

Download Woodblock print, 2017. 7”x 7” (1.3 MB)

Download Woodblock print, 2017. 6”x 8” (77 KB)

Download Pen and Marker on Paper, 2018. 9”x 12” (77 KB)

Download Etching, 2017. 10”x 14” (1.4 MB)

Download She Feels No Control of her Body, She Feels No Safety in My Arms, Etching sketch.jpg (1.2 MB)

Download Ink, 2017. 6”x9” (1.8 MB)

Download Ink and Colored pencil, 2018. 22”x30” (76 KB)

Download Ink, 2018. 22”x30” (68 KB)

Download Ink and Charcoal, 2018. 22”x30” (162 KB)

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Date of Creation

Spring 5-10-2018

Artist Statement

Figurative work is what drives my art to convey and evoke emotion. The figures become derivatives of nature using organic lines, whether they are a naturalistic depiction or an abstraction of an original form.

My areas of interest include woodworking and drawing. As an individual geared towards math, problem solving, drawing and craft, woodworking requires me to use these and other skills to create a successful work of art. The processes in which I create something starts with an idea of what I want a specific piece of art to be about, what I want it to look like, and what its function might be if it has one. After this, I make multiple sketches, choose the one that I think will be the most successful, and refine it multiple times. Many of my wood projects focus on form and are constructed of smooth, flowing lines with open spaces. My form-focused works are often modeled after things such as nature, the figure or music, and are meant to evoke some type of emotion from within the viewer. Some of my works incorporate drawing and work in conjunction with a wood piece so that a specific concept can be conveyed by both formal and linear properties. The subject matters I most often use in my drawings are hands and the figure. The concept behind this is that hands and body language are strong indicators of feeling, whether it be calm, tense, open, closed, etcetera. Since gestural interpretations are nearly universal, most viewers can relate to the feeling that each gesture is meant to evoke in the viewer.

My inspirations for drawing and woodworking come from contemporary art artists such as Duarte Vitoria, who draws and paints tense depictions of human figures rendered within the strict confines of the picture plane, and Sylvie Rosenthal, who creates functional wooden objects that reflect animals and other components in nature. Elements and properties that draw me into other works of art are the use of line, figure, design, and detail. To come up with new ideas and designs, I like to observe my surroundings, whether it be in my room, a classroom or studio, or nature.


Sarah Martin, Mike Martin


Mixed Media

Nance Craven_ProPracSP18



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