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Aman MadanFollow



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Spring 5-11-2018

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My work explores a range of subject matter and themes, but I try to make all of it with a simplistic approach so people could relate and understand it better. I usually produce two types of artworks, i.e., drawings and graphically designed stuff like posters, illustrations, covers, reports, etc. I frequently use pencil and charcoal for drawings and adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator for illustrations and logos and InDesign for designing posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books.

I choose graphic design because I feel it is a is a good way to communicate to public and be creative enough to grab their attention. It allows me to manipulate my drawing work and incorporate it in my Graphic design stuff. Graphic design helps me learn problem solving as I must work in certain parameters sometimes. I enjoy drawing because it gives me more freedom to express my ideas as well as I enjoy looking at things and replicate them on paper with my interpretation. I like the way charcoal can be manipulated to create a great range of values and mark making. I combine graphic design and drawing together for making certain artworks.

I try to give an emotional touch to all of my drawings, and try to keep it subtle and simple in my Graphic design stuff.


Chris Lavery


Cardboard Sculpture 1- Cardboard-12 icnhes

Book Cover- Adobe Illustrator

Pecae Illustration- Adobe Illustartor

My First Graphic Design- Photoshop

Abstract Bird House- Cardboard

Nature emphasis drawing- Pencil and charcoal 18X24

Transformation drawing - Pencil and charcoal 18X24

Photography- Black and white

Gestural Drawing- Vine Charcoal 18X24

Map to home- Adobe Illustrator

Poster Layouts- Adobe InDesign 10X10




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