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Fall 11-29-2018

Artist Statement

Complications with infertility and the states of despondency that come with it are themes that I personally connect with. When reflecting on what it means, personally, to be a woman I have always associated these thoughts with motherhood and home. I attempt to reflect on these thoughts and explore them through my work.

I dissect and experiment with these concepts through the use and symbolism of apples. The apple has many layers of symbolism and even biblical references as the forbidden fruit. The apple is said to be a symbol of knowledge, immortality, temptation, and the fall of man. It also is seen as wholesome and comforting, much like my own mother’s apple pies and making cider from our family apple trees as a child. I believe these symbols parallel and represent many elements of being female. Using apples at different states of decay, being eaten, or even bobbing for them, are speaking to my personal stories of being a woman and the greatness and hardships that parallel that identity.

Inspired by Judy Chicago, my pieces have varied in mediums of art such as sculpture, printmaking, installations, and performance pieces but all have common characteristics such as multiplicity, repetition, and use of the color red to represent menstrual blood. The use of repetition and multiplicity throughout my work speaks to these individual moments and experiences as a whole while also thinking formally and fundamentally through the work. I want to use my art as a platform to speak out to the issues surrounding my culture and more specifically towards women.


Michael Martin


I have a double emphasis in sculpture and printmaking which is what most of the work and materials stems from.

Professional Practices Fall 2018



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