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Fall 11-29-2018

Artist Statement

My work revolves around two dimensional drawings on small 9”x12” smooth Bristol Paper. In a sense I’m more of a traditional artist; I prefer to use Prismacolor Pencils, Watercolors, Copic Markers, Micron Pens, and White Gel Pens in my art. Not only have I created lots of drawings, but I have also painted a bit; about a year ago I had a piece put up on display at an Art Center in my hometown called the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts. Quite recently I have been into Digital art; I like to use the free software known as GIMP to color over drawings I have scanned onto my computer. My thought process before I put my pencil to paper usually revolves around what I’ve recently watched, it’s pretty weird but when I watch a show my inspiration to draw starts to shine.

I really want people to recognize my work, by noticing my style and knowing that I like to draw a lot of Fan Art. My personal Art Philosophy is to draw whatever you want, don’t let people tell you what to draw during this day in age. Art is Art, and with a lot of hard work it’s beautiful no matter what it is, because it’s yours. A couple of people who have inspired me are Katy Lipscomb, Aaron Blaise, and an artist on the Website DeviantArt known as WildSpiritWolf.

WildSpiritWolf was the first artist who got me interested into drawing animals, and mainly wolves. Her FAQ (frequently asked questions) came in handy when I didn’t know where to start with my art, I was introduced to shading, micron pens, and prismacolor pencils from her. Katy Lipscomb was another artist on DeviantArt that I met a while back and is a friend of mine, her art is so vibrant and colorful, she introduced to me the idea of using watercolors as a base before coloring an entire drawing with Prismacolor Pencils. And Aaron Blaise gave me the push to draw more human figures and to add cartoon characteristics to them along with animals, and also to start drawing digitally.


T. Michael Martin


Most of my work is done on 9"x12" Smooth Bristol Paper. I like to use Prismacolor Pencils and Watercolor Paint to color in my pieces.

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Welcome to My World



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