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Fall 11-30-2018

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

As a viewer looks at my work, it should serve to intrigue the viewer and instill curiosity upon them. I am creating work with clean and consistent line quality throughout the pieces and through this line quality, contour lines sometimes reoccur. Color palettes are being used that are bright colors paired with neutrals, which catches the viewer’s eye. Implementing pattern into my pieces is an element that I am striving to use more often to create more visual interest. A shape based illustration style is a process that is exciting for me to implement and therefore, it is beginning to become more consistent to create bold, playful images that inform the viewer pleasantly.

The main form of medium that I prefer to work in is graphic design in a variety of scales. This is the center of my focus while I explore graphic areas such as digital illustration, branding, layout, and alignment. The ability to allow my artistic abilities to communicate information in the world in an interesting and appealing way is a focus and eventually creating designs with the purpose of serving external customers is a career goal.

Musical instruments are currently an area of focus in my designs. Music is a personal interest of mine that I have invested in for the majority of my life; therefore, they are an exciting and intriguing subject for me to explore in my design. Music is a bright, beautiful, and dynamic way of creating. I believe this needs to be reiterated through the design in order to make playing an instrument seem modern and inviting. I pair illustrations that literally depict the instrument with bright colors that differ from the instrument’s origin color to create unique visualizations.

The art and design world is very influential. Luba Lukova is inspiring with her thoughtful and minimalistic compositions that are consistent throughout all her work, alongside her line quality. Her ability to match vibrant colors with neutral black and whites to create visually pleasing pieces is influential. Hand-letterers such as Jessica Hische and Marla Moore incorporate elegant, unique hand-lettered typography into a majority of their work. This design element is personally admirable and implementation into future work is in thought. Jessica Hische’s design process and workflow influences how I work through design problems.


T. Michael Martin


Compilation of 20 images from my career thus far at Murray State University

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Professional Practices



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