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Fall 12-4-2018

Artist Statement

When I was young, I was attracted by Animate and Comics, started drawing childish colorful lines on blanket paper. I can easily draw those cartoon characters vividly, which has plant an art seed deeply inside of my heart. As I get older, I was being trained in school to draw much more professional ways. I work hard to invest in as many kinds of media as I can, but still focus on graphic design and digital drawing, especially for video games and movies, which brought me to art area.

I want to do concept design mostly in the future, like design characters and environment. In the past several years, I tried a lot to practice my physical skills on digital drawings, but I noticed that, compared with brilliant concept designers like Martin Deschambault, I still lack ability on the “design” part, that I don’t have good enough feeling of “two-dimensional shape”, and creating atmosphere. However, I was trying to increase my weakness a little bit. In my recent editorial illustration work, I use blue-tone to create a peaceful atmosphere. There’s a skeleton sitting in a computer station, on the middle of the water surface inside of a cave. It’s indicates myself when I was a child, sitting in front of my computer during mid-night to do digital drawings. That’s my most productive time, and I’m always trying to find the feeling about that time. What’s more, for my final project in illustration class, I used two different shapes – triangle and circle, to design two different kinds of amour sets for male warrior. Because of the difference of shapes, they gave the audience totally different feelings. It was also a challenge for me to draw an elder man, since I drew young woman all the time while practice skills in the past.

If “concept design” is my dream, then graphic design is my choice of reality. To get better sense of “shape”, I concentrated on graphic design a lot in college study as well. When I was in China, even though I was not an art major student, I was asked to help organizations in school to make posters or PowerPoint stuff all the time, which had practiced me a lot in the past few years. When I attended to Murray State University, during the study in graphic design class, I learnt many new, especially more professional skills about design. One of the most obvious change is, my taste of design became better. My final project of graphic design II class is a zoo poster, but the first version was ugly, just like what non-art student did in Chinese college. My last version is very graphic and neat, which I like a lot. Now, most of my graphic design project need me to make it several versions to get a relatively satisfying one, nevertheless, I believe this is the tough but necessary step to develop my skill and taste to create professional art work, and I’m on the right way to change my style.

I’ll keep learning and practicing for my design and illustration skills, and the taste of my design style in the future, in order to make stuff that also amuse myself.


T. Michael Martin


1) 2B, 2017, digital drawing, A4

2) An, 2017, digital drawing, A4

3) Princess, 2017, digital drawing, A4

4) Long Lasting Light, 2017, digital drawing, A4

5) Figure, 2017, digital drawing, A4

6) Caster, 2017, digital drawing, A

7) Fire Girl, 2017, digital drawing, A4

8) Little Mermaid, 2017, digital drawing, A4

9) Me, 2017, digital drawing, A4

10) Alive, 2017, photography, 11”x15”

11) Carbon X, LOGO design

12) FRESH, LOGO desgin

13) All Our Children, 2018, poster, 11”x15”

14) The Water Project, 2017, LOGO design

15) Socks Label, 2018, package design, 4”x 4”

16) Amiibo, 2018, package design, 9”x5”

17) Ball Necklace, 2018, metalsmith, 1”x 1”

18) Wine Label, 2018, package design, 3”x 12”

19) Murray Design Gods, 2018, poster, 11”x17”

20) Panda, 2017, poster, 11”x17”

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