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Fall 12-4-2018

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Artist Statement

Yiyang Xie

In my freshman year, I studied photography, broadcasting, acting, sports and drawing. I discovered what I liked, and what I did not like. When I go to a fiction show. This show is you can use the artwork which made by this artist to create a photo which is not the same in the real. I saw a lot of people were happy at that time. I realized that an artist can bring happiness to people. After that, I decided to be an artist, because an artist is a magical being.

Most of my artwork is made by using a pencil. I can easily use it to draw and using my hands is important in my artwork. I can immediately draw the whatever I want with it. First of all, I create the idea in my mind. And then, I will draw the idea’s draft. After the exploration of my draft drawings. I will choose the best one and start to draw my final piece.

Currently, my art making includes Drawing, Metal, and Design. I use a variety of pencils to complete my drawing work. I learned basic metalsmithing skills this semester and I will continue to use these skills in my artwork. I also started computer based design this semester and can easily incorporate Photoshop and Illustrator into my practice now. I want to use different and cheerful color to create a happy world. I hope my work can show the beautiful world to the people who are unhappy and depressed. I hope they can know how beautiful and wonderful this world is! I this modern city, more and more people we meet. However, we have less and less friends. I feel the happiest time is my childhood. That is a colorful time in my life. Thus, I decided to create a colorful city for people who lose the color in their life.


Mr. T. Michael Martin


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Yiyang Xie



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