Final Portfolio/ Digital Commons Assignment ART 399-01 SP17

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Final Portfolio/ Digital Commons Assignment ART 399-01 SP17

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Troian CummingsFollow


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Spring 5-4-2017

Artist Statement

My body of work is based in nature; it deals with concepts of comfort, discomfort, and in shared human perception and emotion. The malleability and durability of metal reflects my desire for control while its unpredictability aids in my desire to emulate nature. I am drawn toward natural elements because of my upbringing in Yosemite National Park, where nature is life. It is inevitable, when you live in such a natural place, that you see nature as art. Also, I have always been very aware of my thoughts and feelings in comparison to others. I have a tendency to tell myself that everyone must share the same feelings and self criticism that I do, though I know now that it’s not true. Even so, there are some shared internal struggles that we as humans collectively experience go through and the root of my work comes from this locus... I begin with a fairly loose plan and let it evolve and mature as the project proceeds. In it’s own way, it is a natural growth process, almost meditative in nature. Through this method I aim to emulate the perfect imperfection of nature. I also want to create some of the feelings of human life and the struggles that come with it.

Despite being attracted to the tranquility and peacefulness of botanical forms, I am also interested in pain, danger, and discomfort—the darker side of nature. I am interested in the tension between these two elements of experience; beauty and pain. I am drawn to these darker qualities in the Body Art of Vito Acconci and Chris Burden. Acconci’s Following Piece in which he followed a person around until they became uncomfortable as well as Burden’s dangerous and semi-masochistic pieces like Shoot, a performance during which he was shot by a friend in his arm, are two in particular that have influenced me. In my pieces, I want to evoke some of these same primal feelings, like heightened anxiety or the feeling of being overwhelmed. I emphasize these feelings by using colors that while naturally occurring are perceived to be acidic or poisonous.

When people interact with my art, I want them to feel a sense of promnesia, comfort, and slight disturbance- all at once. In some small way I want my work to make people take pause to think about their connection to everyone and everything around them. I want my art to make people question their surroundings and feel the need to become more self and globally aware.


Timothy Martin


Ceramics, Metals, Wood

Final Portfolio/ Digital Commons Assignment ART 399-01 SP17