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Spring 5-3-2019

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Katlyn Hall

January 20, 2019

Communicating through illustration and graphic design sums up most of my work. Using drawing as my main medium to concept ideas ranging from a story that needs to be told to a client’s desire to make their message in a design applicable to their audience. Storytelling is universal. I don’t consider myself a fine artist in the terms of communicating in the traditional sense through oil painting, sculpting, etc. (some expertise in those) Art is becoming more digitized and commercialized through the digital area. Styles in animation, graphic arts, and conceptual are moving past the traditional way of expression. Because of this, my art is turning towards digital painting and graphic illustration with the use of Photoshop and Illustrator. Watercolor and drawing in are the traditional aspects I’m looking to blend in with the digital side of illustration.

My traditional influences are John Constable, a realist artist with a romantic impulse towards landscape painting and Thomas Girtin, a gifted watercolorist that takes plein air painting to a different level. My modern influences are James Gurney, an oil painter that uses character for storytelling and Lois Baarle also known as Loisvb on Instagram is a recognized artist that takes full advantage of what the digital medium has to offer while her works look traditional.


Mr. Mike


Katlyn Hall

April 20, 2019

Image Thumbnail Info List

1.) Title: CS Lewis Business Card

Media: Illustrator and InDesign

Dimensions 3x5 in

Dates: December 2018

Info: A business card created for our own branding strategy.

2.) Title: Figure Study

Media: Oil

Dimensions: 5x9 in

Dates: October 2018

Info: One in-class sessions of capturing the female nude and her skin tones with oil paint.

3.) Title: Final Project Forest

Media: Oil

Dimensions: 15x20 in

Dates November 2018

Info: Creative final painting assignment where we apply

4.) Title: Halloween Tree

Media: Oil

Dimensions: 5x9 in

Dates: October 31, 2018

Info: A 30minute plein air painting session of a fall tree inspecting color.

5.) Title: Macro Sponge

Media: Oil

Dimensions: 26x30in

Dates: August-September 2018

Info: Several in-class sessions depicting the texture of a natural sea sponge. Blown up to show details.

6.) Title: Micro Landscape

Media: Oil

Dimensions: 9x9 in

Dates: August 2018

Info: Plein-air study of a landscape shrunk down to fit the smaller canvas. The goal was not to focus on detail but to convey the scene as little detail as possible.

7.) Title: Multiple Figure Study

Media: Oil

Dimensions: 15x20 in

Dates: October 2018

Info: Several in-class sessions of depicting the figure in multiple motions.

8.) Title: Multiple Panel Night

Media: Oil

Dimensions: 15x20 in

Dates: November 2018

Info: One of four in a series depicting a set theme of exploring pattern in nature.

9.) Title: Quebec Travel Magazine

Media: InDesign

Dimensions: 8.5x11 in

Dates: March 2018

Info: Graphic Design Assignment where we create a travel ad that its demographic aim is toward an older generation interested in traveling.

Title: Two Color Advertisement

Media: InDesign

Dimensions: 11x14inch

Dates: September 2018

Info: An poster advertisement for a TV program aiming towards a generation involved in military/ know someone of that experience.

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Hall's Art



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