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Spring 2019

Artist Statement

My interest in multiplicity and repetition has influenced the investigation of movement and form in much of my work in sculpture. This idea of taking one simple form and growing it into a colony of many has interested me for many years, showing itself in much of my sculptural ceramic vessels and multimedia installation. This focus on multiplicity has inspired an investigation of light and shadow in relation to the various media I have worked in: paper, wood, found object, etc. and the environments these objects interact with.

Along with sculptural installation and ceramics, I have developed an interest in functional ceramics and how the pot interacts with the hand of the artist, viewer, and user. My functional pottery addresses the differences between the artist’s experience with a vessel and the person who engages with the pot in everyday life. The relationship between my hand, the artist’s, and that of the person who uses my pot is inherently different. and I continue to explore this idea across the functional wares I am currently making, while also developing further skill in creating a variety of vessels.


Rebecca Williams


A variety of media, including: Stoneware ceramic, found object sculpture, oil on canvas, drawing, photography, etc.

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