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Spring 5-9-2019

Artist Statement

I juxtapose sharp and organic shapes, which are inspired by ideas of plants, landscape and architectural design because of the clean lines and minimalistic forms. Line quality is used to show space, and enhance a minimalistic aesthetic, while the use of line and value in architectural drawings changes perspective and manipulates the viewer’s eye. As well as plants, landscape, architectural design, my work is about containers, containing space, and the manipulation of a man-made space. The geometric motif running through the body of work is primarily boxes and can be seen as a reduced form mimicking shapes one interacts with on a day-to-day basis. I am interested in the relationship between the viewer, the form, and the space in between them. The combination of these formal qualities determine the composition of the work and whether or not it is set in an atmosphere.

Loneliness, space, and minimalism inform my work. As a printmaker who works in etching primarily, I am influenced by Ann Kavanagh and her use of line and composition in her photo-etchings, photographs, and Japanese woodcuts. Loneliness is the lack of something, and I use minimalism to show that through sharp, uncluttered lines, rich values, and unconventional spacing of the plates. By composing the space of the page with line and value, loneliness is depicted through an altered perspective, whether that be from the outside looking in or a dramatically skewed angle. I am interested in the evolution of a space within the confinement of a man-made space, mostly the size of the plate or page.


T. Michael Martin


A variety of images of works made since the start of college career, mainly including printmaking and bookbinding.

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