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Spring 5-13-2019

Artist Statement

Creating art allows me to delve into my mind and acknowledge specific memories and associations I have made with people, places, and events in my life. My works are created in a stream of conscious state and involve me recording my thoughts in a visual dialogue. The process itself then, becomes important because it is during this time, I uncover these parts of myself and my life.

My goal is for the viewer to make connections within the work but still be left in a sense of wonder. One of the most recognizable aspects of my work is my use of continuous line. This, in addition to, layering and color create a dynamic piece. Layering is key because to me it is the direct reflection of my mind. It builds the piece and allows me to obscure certain recordings. Colors are often direct reflections of the subject matter or the colors I have associated with the subject. My line work is evident through each layer of the piece.

In addition, at this point in my life I feel very compelled to talk about femininity. I want to convey what it is like to be a woman in this time period and culture. Also, how body objectification impacts women and society. Creating work dealing with femininity is important to me and in a historical context because it reveals the patterns and social norms woman have dealt with in the past and continue to deal with today.

I have been greatly influenced by Cecliy Brown and Ghada Amer. I am drawn to these artists for the way they depict the female figure in their works. Both, portray the female body in a erotic sense. The use of line and layering also drew me to these artists. Lastly, I admire the bravery these women take for creating art about a vulnerable subject and am inspired to create work that makes me feel vulnerable.

Koryn Hatfield


Danielle Muzina, Mike Martin


these artworks are markers on Bristol, paint, mixed media

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Koryn Hatfield