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No Real Memories

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Emily NethertonFollow



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Academic Level at Time of Creation


Date of Creation

Fall 12-6-2019

Artist Statement

Memory is a complicated thing. We often long to hold unto the past, but struggle to actually remember it accurately. We place such importance on memories that we continually collect artifacts to remember things by. We take pictures to remember moments. We hold onto personal items to remember people. We often display these artifacts and spend so much time with them that we place more importance on the objects than the memories associated with them. Hang photos and display momentos, and constantly live in the past. In my work, I focus on reconnecting those objects to the memories, and addressing the attachment we have to them. I break down the process of memory, and depict the lack of clarity we have around memory. I tend to use simplified shapes and connected patterns to obscure memories, in the same way our memories are distorted over time. I often use more muted and desaturated colors to further the narrative of our memories being different from our reality. I paint on frames and other storage items in order to communicate our tendency to store and sort our memories in a safe place to be accessed later.


Prof. Danielle Mužina; Dr. Rebecca Williams


Close Distance

Oil on Canvas


Dec. 2019

Looking Back

Oil on Canvas

(2, 16”x12”)

Sept. 2019

Looking Forward

Oil on Canvas

(2, 16”x12”)

Sept. 2019

No Real Memories

Oil on Wood Frame


Dec. 2019

Nostalgia Revisited (parts 1-3)

Oil on Canvas

(3, 18”x18)

Oct. 2019

Nostalgia (parts 1-3)

Oil on Canvas

(3, 18”x18)

Recollections (parts 1-2)

Oil on wood frame

(2, 12”x12”)

Nov. 201

Young Portrait

Oil on canvas


April 2019


Oil on canvas


Jan. 2019

No Real Memories



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