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Aurora ZwyghuizenFollow


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Fall 8-15-2019

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As a graphic designer I get into a different mind set. As a designer, project parameters and visual satisfaction are paramount. I choose more appropriate colors for what is assigned. I try to get out of my head and into the real world. I attempt to create viewer interest by organizing typography with hierarchy and arranging images in a compositionally pleasing manner.

Some of this will be seen in my most recent project, Honey Seekers. This is a nonprofit organization to help save the bees. Bees are very important to me because they are the ones that give us life. I am choosing a variety of bright colors to attract the viewer in the logo and in the posters that I am creating. I have chosen colors that are realistic to flowers and nature. I am trying to use these colors in every poster to keep a consistency, but make sure that they are also different at the same time to keep them visually appealing. For the posters I use different fonts to describe importance and to give the layout a more pleasing look. The posters will also be on an average to large scale. I will also use these colors and fonts for the website that I will design, so that the viewer can know more information and see more visually appealing criteria.

With this project I am trying to get out of the box and make an area that will “wow” people by walking through it. I hope that the colors will attract people and make them want to make a difference. I will also be making a website to have donations and more information about bees for people to read. I am also making an informational book and keeping on the color scheme of the posters that I have created.

Stefan Sagmeister is one graphic designer that I look to. He is very modern and I love how he will put himself into a piece of his work, as if it were a performance piece. His use of typography is always eye catching, which is what I would like to accomplish. Every piece of his art is different, so you don’t know what to expect, but you know that it is his. Two other artists that I look to are Matthew Willey and Ladislav Hanka. Other than being artists they are also bee activists. Matthew Willey travels the world and makes bee murals to raise awareness about what is happening. Every mural is different and it shows how he can make every mural match by being different. Ladislav Hanka makes etchings out of decomposed hives. He won art prize this year in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he talked about the circle of life with bees but knows how important they are to us.


Jim Bryant; Antje Gamble; John Utgaard; Sarah Ellis


The materials that I am using are all basically computer based. My posters are 11" x 17" and my book is 8" x 10". There will be a website. I am also thinking about doing a sculpture, but I am not sure yet.

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