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Professional Blend VII

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Drey ReedFollow



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Academic Level at Time of Creation


Date of Creation

Fall 10-16-2019

Artist Statement

Often times it appears as though people forget that art does not have to have some deep, internal meaning. While the amount of traditional media art I make is greatly slowing down, those that I do make tend to have either an obvious meaning or none at all. I’ve always been more into making and viewing art that is more aesthetically pleasing than those you have to find the meaning of. Now, however, my time is primarily spent on graphic design. While there isn’t anything that necessarily ties my graphic design work together, I feel this is a better fit for me since, while you have the chance to make a design with a deeper meaning behind it, graphic design is often focused primarily on how it looks visually.


James Bryant. T. Michael Martin


Digital media. 15 x 20

Professional Blend VII



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