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Allison PittFollow


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Fall 8-2019

Artist Statement

I have always been an “outside-the-box” kind of person. I feel like I don’t fit into the mold of an “artist”. However, I’ve used this aspect about myself to use it to create my art. Unlike the others in my classes, I haven’t found myself fascinated by one idea or material. As a future art educator, I feel like this change is something I can use to my benefit to adapt and relate to each student and their unique backgrounds that come through with their art. I hope to inspire my students to be their true self, and let their art reflect that, instead of trying to fulfill an assignment or compete with their peers.

My medium is choice is paint. This is part of why I am drawn to painting; because the material is pure color, and I can impose my ideas on it without feeling like I’m fighting the material, like in other medius. I use primarily oil point to convey my ever-changing concepts and really appreciate the way that the color allows me to communicate on a canvas. I use color very intentionally. This varies from using bright and happy colors to choosing more neutral tones to convey specific things.


Danielle Muzina, Rebecca Williams


Oil on Canvas

Mixed Media